How To Download Mabhoomi Telangana Pahani Android Mobile App

Process To Download Mabhoomi Telangana Pahani Android App

Telangana farmers/landowners who are using smartphones, they can easily get land record details through Mabhoomi Telangana Pahani Android app.

As a most important step towards e-government and to ensure transparency and accountability in property transactions apart from that checking illegal transaction, the state government has devised an exclusive revenue records portal called “Maa Bhoomi” and “Mabhoomi Telangana Pahani App” for Android users

All the revenue offices like RDO, MRO, stamps and Registrations department were interlinked with a portal to share revenue land data to check duplication. The department revealed a mobile app where people can verify their property details as well as it all collecting mobile numbers of all property owners, which will link to the portal.

If a property transaction was done in any part of the state, then within a moment the portal will immediately send an alert to the property owner, in case of any criminal transaction, the property owners will be alerted also they can give a complaint online

This app will help you in searching your land-related information, now Telangana citizens can check their land records online anywhere by using your survey number as well as you can search with the help of Mandals, Village, also the year.

The main purpose of this TS Maa Bhoomi app id to provide all land details within one click easily as well as quickly from anywhere.

Maa Bhoomi pahani Consists

  • Maa Pahani
  • Village Pahani
  • Form 1B
  • Village Form 1B and Aadhar status at one place

Step by step process for Telangana Maa Bhoomi Download App  :

  • Go to the Google Play Store
  • Search for Telangana Maa Bhoomi App

mabhoomi telangana pahani

  • Now click on Download also Install
  • That’s it Telangana Maa Bhoomi app will install on your mobile

This is all about mabhoomi Telangana pahani app, why late download the app immediately also avail all the services. I hope it useful to you; please share your experiences as well as suggestions for us.

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